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The 25 member Tech Motorsports Formula SAE team follows a hybrid business model that is a collective blend of agile and lean manufacturing, performance motorsports, and non-profit education. TN Tech Formula SAE demands total focus and dedication, along with academic performance by the student team. To ensure student success, the Tennessee Tech University College of Engineering has developed a student chapter peer-mentoring program in an academic associate supervised fabrication and machining lab. Tennessee Tech Motorsports Formula SAE student management team includes an executive director, along with 6 department directors. These directors, as a team, manage the day-today operations, with new members submitting detailed resumes for open positions on the team. As in corporate America, Tech Motorsports positions are earned and not granted. The 2019-2020 Tech Motorsports Formula SAE team will accept resumes for six new positions that include marketing and business, engineering, computer-aided design, fabrication, and assembly.
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